2D image covered to a 3D composition.

Still some work to do, but is getting there,

original photo



Composition in after effects using vanishing point in photoshop, lighting and 3 time-lapse.


2D photographs to 3D

I was working wight he Vanishing point in Photoshop and importing the files in After effects, it works good, I think I need to go back to the abandon building to take more pictures for this, the ones I have have tables and they don’t work with this effect, the ones I have I will use them as statics pictures and with light and time lapse like in the first idea. but I would like the have at leaf 3 of this 3D rooms in the final project.

Here the original photo



And here the 3D version of it.

Sunrise disaster

Yesterday I went back to try to get the sunrise time-lapse right, I left at 5am my house and I got there on time, the problem this time was that… it was not sunrise to photograph, was raining and grey.

I was in bull island for two hours and a half and I don’t think I can’t use much of what I took .

and as a anecdote from my lovely morning, in some part of the way I puncture  my bike and I had to walk for more than an hour to my house!

Photo on 28-04-2014 at 05.49 IMG_0984 IMG_1803

Synchronising and equipment

I have been very stress for the last two weeks, since the conversation we had in the last meeting and the equipment problem to synchronise the 6 screens. a part of the equipment I also need a software to bring this to reality!

I had find 2 solutions, one is to use two triple2go matrox to connect the computer to the 6 projects and screens this combined with a software to synchronise at the same computer the 6 videos, the only thing I can find that would do this job is http://figure53.com , this is good because I can rent it just for the time I gonna use it. The problem with this is that each of the triple2go matros are 300 euros each, and I can’t afford it.

One more solution would be to reduce to projections to four videos. this time the fours projections would be in big screens, all facing each other making a square.  with this solution, I could use a double2go matrox and the same software I mentioned before.

I am  happy with this idea, I think I could  borrow the projectos from friends and I could buy the double2o adaptor.

With this solution the projections  could be the fours faces  at the same time in the fours screens, or, in two of them faces and in the other two visuals, or in the four projections, visuals.

I really hope this works!! I am quiet happy with this idea and the four screens facing each other but still a problem the software I found I think only synchronise 3 videos to play at the same time, but not really sure about this and also I need to learned how to do this!! hope it is not too complicate!!