Vanishing Point, 2D images converted to 3D. Lighting and composition in after effects.

I know I shouldn’t be making more testing right know, but I wasn’t sure if the 2D images and the Vanishing Point to make 3D images in After effects would work or not, This is a test I did today, needs to be improve but it works.

Main problem is Vanishing point doesn’t tolerate transparence, I had to delete, using masking, in the vanishing point file, next in photoshop, crop the window and delete what it is the glass on the picture, save as png and import in after effect placing them where the windows are in the vanishing point file.

I also added a time-laps in the background and light the image in after effects.


Hope I had explained myself, here is the result, only 3 seconds, but you see what I am planing to do.


Testing camera angles and lighting for interview

In the two big screens I want to achieve a very hight color contrast, about this I decided to go for black and white for the interview, the 4 small screens, to give more emphasis to the big screens. Is nothing completely decided yet, but I am happy with the look and feel of this close ups.

One more think I need to say, forget about the audio, as it is just a test I didn’t have mic and the talking is just random.

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

Camera 4