My final year project proposal

Recession, empty buildings and art

The idea is to follow a group of artist in their creative processes, I am very interested in this subject because it is very close to me, many times I find very difficult to come up with new ideas and many others I think I choose the wrong area of studies. I think that it will help me to see how other artist approach their creative work, I hope with this improve my creative processes and hopefully other people with the same problem.

The intention is to motivate people that think they are not creative and shows them that even the most professional artist have to work to find a good idea.

Also I would like to explore the recession impact in the city center of Dublin, I would like to visit empty building that can’t be restore for the recessions impact, and use them as a creative space for this artist to create something a installation in its interior.

My idea is to bring all this concepts together to create an audiovisual installation.

I don’t know if this is possible as there are many secondary factors that are not up to me, for example to finding the artists that want to participate and get the permissions to use these buildings, but I would like to explore the creative thinking and see if I can help people with it including myself.