Didn’t know how to make light look like it come trough the window and not like an artificial light from the inside, I find this tutorial and I download the shine effects for after effects, it works perfect for what I want to achieve .–ae-4058


3D after effects

I was thinking about how could I paint the walls of one of the room (my picture) in after effect and don’t lose the 3d feeling, I think this tutorial has giving me the answer, I could model the room in 3d first, just coping the wall shapes of my picture, hiding this 3d simulation with a mask and with an animation discover it slowly to give the impression the room is been painted over.

Research for creative questions

Was finding it hard to como up with good questions to ask in the interview, I am looking for creative answers and I didn’t know if what I was doing was right.

Started looking for example of interviews but couldn’t find something similar of what I am doing, but I find this page, with maybe more than a hundred questions create by psychology students and I think they can be a good guide.