Short description, idea behind the actual installation

This project aim to be a representation of the conflict of the creative process, starting with the idea generation, expressed by darkness, isolation with flashes of light and arriving to the execution of the idea formed, this state can arrive to the meditative state if the idea is clear for the artist and this part is represented by color, light and very clear images.



My theme is creativity and the creative process, for this reason I would like to approach this project as creative as possible.

During my research I focused on different styles of video, this has helped me on how to approach my project in very different way.

The first idea was to make a mix between abandoned buildings, art and a series of interviews with different artists to understand how they are facing their creative process. The main problem I had been facing was how to mix all this three areas in only one project.

In the search for ideas, I have focused on time laps, stop motion, experimental film and also interviews. All this helped me to shape an idea. As I said, I wanted to make this project as creative as possible and for this reason orientate this project as an audiovisual installation.

Thanks to some of the videos I started to visualize how and give shape to one idea. And this would be divided in two different parts.

One of them would be four small screens, television or computer, this part is focused on the interviews, each screen may show different perspective of the artist, using only very close ups, that could be hands, eyes, hair… or just the right, left, front and back side of the face, these perspectives would be alternating between the different screens.

I would like to focus these interviews on the personal relationship of the artist with his art, how he approaches his work, why was the reason he started and how he discovers it.

The second part of the audiovisual installation would be made of two screens, the idea is that these two screens are opposing video styles … and by that I mean, that one of the screens projections would be dark, creating very high contrast with help of lights and very colorful effects done in after effects, here is where the abandoned building get into the project.

Here is the video that gives me the idea of this screen. Maybe it helps to understand the concept.

In the second screen I will show the artist working but mainly this screen would be based in slow motion video, this also would be mixed with the artist using duplicate images. Maybe this two videos help to understand, there are the main reason this idea came to my mind.

Duplicate and contraposition of images:

Slow motion contrast

There are few different techniques that I discarded, one of then is the interactive web site, I don’t think it will produce the effect I want to achieve.

Video styles that I had discarded are many, even though, some of them still there in my mind, but I find difficult to picture how to mix them with the ones I really would like to use. One of those is the motion graphic text and the framed pictures.

Here there examples of styles I like but I had discarded.

Motion Tracking Text

Framed pictures:

Interactive website

I had contact one girl last week, she has made few exhibitions in the last 2 years, also she has access to abandoned buildings, and this was great news as I didn’t know how to access myself to them.

I think the next step is to go and see the possibilities of this buildings, this would help me to get and idea of what it is possible to do or not.

Also I need to start practicing stop motion film and see how it works and looks the same with after effects.

No sure what would it be the prototype for this project, maybe some examples of time laps and stop motion videos.