Design Thinking Workshop 1

We started playing some games to wake up, as it was an early morning, and to get rid of the shyness, ones we all meet each other and we felt comfortable, We started working.

The task was to design a wallet, for this first we needed to find a problem and after give a solution.

We started interview each other to find out what they like or dislike about their wallets, and what wallet they needed, ones this was done we started brainstorming; any idea is good to write down. We ended up with hundreds of ideas, that after as a group we will decide which ones where more adequate.

Ones this was done, we made a prototype of tyne wallet and give to others to test.

I find this workshop very interesting and fun, at the same time that we ended up doing a good job in less time that me on my own could have done.


Design Thinking Workshop 2

We watched a documentary about creativity how people work and how little people know about this subject.

I find very interesting the importance of collaboration and brain storming, didn’t know how important was to no leave any idea in your mind, for ridiculous that you may think it is, just because you scare of been wrong, this also could cause a laugh and that is always good for the creative point of view!!

I also enjoy seeing how important is to feel confortable at work, for my experience, if I don’t feel happy or I feel an confortable, I can’t think clear and that will impact my work.